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How Pricing Works

The API is free to use. Parts are priced on how much material it takes to make them and their bounding box. You give us a file, and we instantly tell you a price. Easy pricing for easy making.

SLS Tough White Nylon A tough, creamy white, impact resistant plastic that's great for functional parts. [More info] $1.50/CC
ProJet Detailed Amber Resin A detailed, translucent amber colored resin, perfect for parts with intricate forms and lots of detail. [More info] $2.75/CC
ZCorp Full Color Ceramic The only way to make full color parts. Delicate, but good for intricate parts. [More info] $0.95/CC
ProMetal Stainless Steel Super strong, durable stainless steel alloy. Great for functional or decorative pieces where only metal will do. [More info] $11.00/CC

* We aren't limited to the materials above. There are 100s of materials and a lot of custom techniques. If you have a special application or material in mind, we'll help you find the best method to get it.