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What can you do with CloudFab's API?
We use 3D printing technologies to make what you want when you want it. You send us a 3D design and we ship the finished part to you or your user. CloudFab's web API allows you to add digital making to your current web services. With CloudFab, you can directly integrate 3D printing into your website or application quickly and easily.

What can you make with 3D printing?
3D printing makes things by building them from the ground up layer by layer. We start with nothing and build up as opposed to cutting away from a block of material. Unlike casting, you don't need to pay huge up-front costs to make molds and you can change the design per part.

3D Printing is great for making:

  • Very complex parts that other processes can't make.
  • Small quantities of parts affordably with no startup costs.
  • Customized parts.

Tell us your ideas, and we'll figure out how we can make it!

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